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Huge River Tay Salmon

By 7th March 2018

Here's a shot of me & my assistant ghillie in the Perth Museum paying rightful homage to the King 'of all' Fish. You need to see the girth & proportions of 'the beast' to truly appreciate Georgina Ballantine's 1922 British record salmon angling accomplishment.

Georgina's British Record Salmon

Perth Museum is a 'Mecca' for Scottish salmon fishers and so is the famous Boat Pool on the beautiful Glendelvine Beat of the River Tay where this spectacular specimen Autumn cock fish was hooked. The Bargie Stone (& it's little sister) and the deep scoop in the riverbed that's located above it that only a highly experienced Tay ghillie or angler would know was there sends my senses into overdrive whenever I'm near it. How Speiberg hasn't been inspired by the magic of this Scottish salmon capture and filmed a blockbuster movie given all the intriguing and fascinating components of the Tay and the 1920's time frame with the ghillie's daughter showing the laird how it's done is beyond me but maybe it will happen yet!

Salmon Lies And Energy Fields

There's so much we don't know about this world that the schooling system choses not to divulge in order to keep us 'asleep' as to where we came from and the global resets that occur naturally over thousands of years. I often wonder if there's a link to the power generation the ancients used via pyramid and stone circles on the earth's natural lay lines as to where salmon will stop in a river. Salmon are sensitive to energy as any experienced salmon angler will have noticed how they often like to lie directly under power lines where they cross the river on any salmon beat

The Bargie Stones On Glendelvine

The 2 Bargie Stones that are positioned in the Tay near the neck of the boat pool will no doubt have more ancient origins that just have being used for ferry crossing purposes as many of the bigger Perthshire standing stones will have. Ley lines, astrology and natural earth energy grids are nothing new and Stone Henge and many stone circles are all the proof you need over and above the historical sites including Dunkeld Cathedral that are positioned on the well known northward pointing ley line that travels right up the entire length of the UK passing through the Tay at the ancient town of Dunkeld where the Scottish Kings once sat.

Salmon Are Sensitive To Energy Fields

There's natural things that salmon are sensitive to that we truly don't have a clue about but the first person who creates a natural energy salmon lure or fly that harnesses this free earth energy is likely to end up on the front page of the Trout & Salmon Magazine! Better still a pair of waders that creates a natural energy field so salmon are shoaling around your boots as you're wading the river! On a serious note it's probably better we're kept in the dark as too much information in previous decades has done nothing but damage wild Atlantic salmon stock levels through commercial exploitation. I can also state with 100% accuracy that salmon are also very sensitive to negative energy from an angler or ghillie and will always avoid them! Keep your salmon fishing thoughts & vibes 'quietly' positive and watch what happens!

Huge Salmon Still Ascend The River Tay

Huge salmon of Georgina's record salmon proportions still are present in the Tay and make no mistake about that fact. I've personally seen them as kelts and on 2 occasions I've connected with huge fish to be left completely schooled and in need of a counsellor! I recall doing some bank cutting in early February on the Tay several years ago to look 60 yards to the centre of the river to see what looked like a child's toy yacht sail casually cruising seaward. What I was seeing was the top third or quarter of the tail fin of a huge salmon kelt heading home with its nose pointing down river. I stood in complete awe of what I was seeing as I could see the displacement coming off the nose and back of the fish too and to my eyes that would have easily have been 5 feet or longer! That historic run of huge Autumn Tay salmon that Georgina got her lure in front of during early October 1922 will now be appearing in the Tay in early to mid December due to the shifting seasons over the last 100 years guaranteeing rightful free passage to these true Tay Leviathans!