The Ides Of March

By 26th February 2018

While it might have been very unlucky for Julius Caesar the 'Ides of March' was traditionally a day for settling debts in the Roman calendar. In saying that it's always sensible to listen to your ghillie's advice and in Caesar's case his soothsayer!

Jock The Soothsayer!

What's this got to do with Scottish salmon fishing you may ask so here's your salmon fishing soothsayer's advice. At this time of year as we get closer to mid March there's another historical run of perfect heavyweight Spring 'beasts' that appear in the Tay en route to their Loch Tay retreat. Now it just so happens my birthday falls on the 15th of March so carefully take on board what I've just said!

North Sea & River Tay Water Temperature

The fact that there's not a great deal of rod pressure on the Tay during these early spring months compared to the later 'fair weathered' months of April & May shouldn't deter you from getting out into the most perfect time zone for a heavyweight encounter with exactly what made the Tay famous. On a personal observational basis mid March always saw a turning point in general salmon numbers in the Tay too probably due to the fact that the river temperature would be getting closer to the north sea's typical 42 degrees encouraging more salmon to make a run for it!

That Special Big Tay Springer

Now's the time to get focussed on not what happened to old Julius but on the fact there will be some seriously good looking 'scale perfect' big Tay beasties floating in and out of the estuary tidal waters between Dundee & Perth slowly making their adjustments back to being able to handle fresh cold river water and one of which could be destined for your fly or lure. If you're looking for a real 'big fish' highlight during your 2018 River Tay salmon fishing season then the next 6 weeks are top of the pile for achieving just that.

The Best Spring Fishing Clothing Systems

Invest in a 'proven' Mountain Rescue Buffalo Mountain Shirt and simply unzip the oxters and sides when even on the coldest north wind assisted March day you'll likely feel too warm! These clever self insulating tops should be worn with no under garments and even when they get wet externally they will 'well and truly' lock your body heat in. A good grade tweed cap and a light shell waterproof and you've completed your big fish early Spring 'battle dress' check list! I often wonder if the lack of early Scottish salmon fishers is due to them getting cold which is going to happen with most lesser garments.