The Finest Cast In Scotland

By 19th June 2018

Every Scottish salmon pool has its own special kind of magic during certain river conditions if you tune into them properly. From what I've seen though there's very few that compare to swinging a fly over the 2 main salmon lies in the Dunkeld House salmon beat's Cathedral Stream.

The Cathedral Stream On Dunkeld House

The beautiful Cathedral Stream pool to my eye looks like the big man upstairs has transplanted a large chunk of the glorious River Dee riverbed right in at the foot of his Dunkeld home's garden! The visuals you'll see of the beautiful sub surface riverbed terrain is so breathtakingly apparent when you're standing in the stern of the traditional Tay 'coble' boat while presenting your salmon fly across the 2 main salmon lies that are present there.

The Cathedral Stream Pool Salmon Lies

These two main salmon lies that create the magic of this fantastic fly fishing pool are caused by two riverbed depressions that are simply known as the top & bottom pots. A carefully placed anchor by your boatman as he ropes you down the pool will allow even a novice Speycaster to make sure their fly swim is optimised. This is the only approach to this wonderful pool as riverbank fishing isn't possible on this special area of the Dunkeld House salmon beat

A Rested & Well Managed Salmon Pool

I think another part of the reason this fantastic salmon pool does so well is because it's often not fished to death like so many popular Tay salmon pools as it's dependent on a boat booking to access it. Sure this is a perfect trap for running Tay salmon where a travelling 'sea-licer' can show up at any moment but when there's resident salmon lying in here the less they see always seems to make them more responsive! 

A True River Tay Salmon Pool Gem

The feeling of 'effective' salmon fly pool coverage is truly immense in the Cathedral Stream and whether it's the mainly forgotten power of the ancient ley line that runs straight through this historic area of Scotland or the amazing view of the commanding 200 year old Telford Bridge there's definitely something very special going on in this salmon pool which truly separates it from anything else I've ever personally witnessed anywhere. It doesn't surprise me that something as sensitive as a wild Atlantic salmon feels and appreciates this too!