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Spring Salmon Fishing

By 11th January 2021

There's simply nothing that compares to the excitement of connecting with a fresh run Scottish Spring salmon. Natural cycles have always truly governed the annual stock levels of Atlantic salmon across the the entire northern hemisphere and currently the Spring stock levels in Scotland have been consistently healthy.

The Initial Tug From A Salmon

The andrenalin inducing initial tug on the fly reel that if left alone will develop into a firm steady draw of line in the early cold water months of January and February should always be treated with suspicion. Often the take on the fly in the early season will be from a kelt but at the back of your mind as the take develops your senses will be on full alert in anticipation of the most desired salmon of all.

Hooking A Scottish Spring Salmon

Often when you hook a Spring salmon after tightening you won't feel the normal head shaking of a fairly easily manouvred kelt but the solid heavy weight of something far more substantial that often will fairly quickly resist any bullying tactics you may deploy. On other instances the Spring salmon will not instantly identify itself and allow you to draw it fairly easily to the riverbank before eye contact is made and the fight then truly begins.

Salmon Hooking Instruction

Treat both of the above initial contact scenarios with caution and be careful you don't gey caught out if a fresh run Spring salmon does allow you to initially draw it close to the riverbank as its initial power surge will be an explosive one that's very capable of smashing a leader like thread if you're not ready for it. The sub surface glint off the flanks of a fresh run Spring salmon will stay in your mind indefinitely so it's important no mistakes are made in the early stages of contact.

Controlling The Salmon Fight

Once you've got the situation under control then relax and take your time to enjoy the battle. The cold water fight from a Scottish 'Springer' is as good as it gets in this sport due to the sheer muscular build of a Spring salmon and the well oxygenated Spring river water. Over the decades I've been fortunate to have seen many Spring fish and their absolute beauty is in a class of its own so even when the river is giving away no signs of their presence stick with it as they are most certainly always present in the big Scottish rivers from January onwards each year.