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Spinning And Fly Reel Tips

By 11th July 2022

For anyones who's reasonably new to this business here's a few tips to make the spooling up of either your fly line or spinning line easy to get right without guesswork or line twist issues.

Spooling Up Your Fly Reel

When you buy a new fly reel it's going to require just the right amount of fly line backing to allow enough sufficient space to then add the fly line without overfilling or under filling the reel's line capacity. This can be made even more tricky when you have a sensibly thought out reel design like the Van Staal C-Vex 9/12 in the above pictures which comes with 2 different capacity fly reel spools.

How To Perfectly Measure Fly Line Reel Capacity

Rather than just fitting some backing and then adding your fly line and hope you get it exactly correct there's an easy logical way to do this. Firstly wind your fly line to the reel with the thin running line loosely attached to the reel first. In this instance the fly line should be wound off its temp plastic spool with a colleague holding a pencil though the middle of the spool to avoid line twist. Then connect the backing with a loose non permanent knot and keep winding (pencil in backing line spool to avoid line twist) until you've got just the right amount of backing on your fly reel. Cut the backing at that point and take the entire line (backing & fly line) off the reel and reverse it with the proper permanent knots where required and the fly line round the correct way.

The Perfect Salmon Fly Line Reel Fit

This will ensure the perfect fit is achieved to take advantage of your fly reels intended line capacity without over filling or under filling your fly reel. It's a little bit of hassle but for me personally it was always 'essential' hassle to get this measure absolutely bang on perfect. All fly lines should be connected to the backing on the reel with a simple 'loop to loop' connection for easy of fly line change. Even taking a lighter briefly to the cut end of a braided loop knot gives it a professional sealed finish not that it matters much to a salmon!

How To Spool Up A Spinning Reel Properly

When I was a very young lad I could never fully understand where all the line twist came from when spooling up my spinning reels. It took an experienced ghillie on the Tay to point out where I was going wrong. If you're fitting new monofilament to a fixed spool reel the monofilament has to comes of the plastic spool and onto your spinning reel without twisting and the line memory intact. Most people put a pencil through the middle of the plastic monofilament spool but that is only effective when spooling up a multiplier or fly reel and if you do that with a fixed spool reel (as I used to do) you will generate line twist.

The Plastic Spool Label Up Method

The correct way to spool up a fixed spool spinning reel doesn't involve another pair of hands or a pencil through the middle of the line spool. Simply place the plastic spool of monofilament flat down on the floor with the manufacturer's label facing up (usually) and wind it on to your fixed spool reel from there. That will transfer your new spinning reel monofilament from the temp plastic spool to your spinning reel spool without any line twist. On 10% of occasions the manufacturer's label will need to be face down and you'll quickly know within a dozen turns of your spinning reel handle when you start winding as to which way is correct as if it's incorrect you'll see immediate line twist where as with the correct way round all you'll see are lovely line coils as you wind.