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Scotland's Best Kept Secret

By 28th April 2018

President John F Kennedy warned us in his famous speech about the secret societies that control the world from the shadows prior to him receiving multiple assassin's bullets in Dallas in 1963. Unfortunately nothing has changed since then nor is it likely to going forward unless this global cancer can be eradicated.

Deceptions Of This Troubled World

If you're still one of these poor souls who's under a brainwashed trance and believe that Oswald even took a single shot that dreadful day then more fool you. The camera doesn't lie and the infamous Mary Moorman picture above clearly shows a gunman on the 'picket fence' the split second John Kennedy tragically lost his life. This is only one small example that illustrates the 'cloak of deception' that blanket covers the planet and basically always has done by the 'unelected' officials who truly run the show from the shadows.

Don't Trust Politicians To Act Properly

Unfortunately we are regarded as an expendable war fighting and revenue generating commodity and the bigger plan for the world that even a 'blind dog in a snow storm' could now see coming is the globalisation theme or a New World Order as it's frequently and openly referred to. The globalist art of letting the public 'think' they have a democracy where trusted politicians on their starting package of £75k are always going to do the right thing is a joke as the vast majority of them have sold their souls out to the devil through basic human nature greed and the 'I'm alright Jack' theme or not wanting to rock the boat!. I don't think that anyone needs any evidence of how ineffectual a ballot majority has become these days if indeed you even get to vote at all on important issues!

Aquaculture Or Wild Atlantic Salmon

If the main plan of the globalist shadow government is to destabilise society and depopulate then what a truly fantastic opportunity they've had in the production of something dangerously toxic to come in on the brand name of the world's finest and healthiest food item and then roll it out to the masses. The word aquaculture makes me want to vomit as that word they've dressed up their industry with actually translates as carcinogenic garbage at the expense of the systematic destruction of Scotland's once amazing West Coast sea loch ecologies. The pollution from the current Scottish West Coast salmon farming industry equates to the same raw sewage as a population of 9 million people would produce on a daily basis!

Why Are Wild Salmon Being Ignored

Mankind is highly intelligent as we all know and look at the mind boggling technologies that exist today and man's ability to successfully accomplish whatever it wants to achieve. Why therefore is completely jamming the Scottish salmon rivers with massive stocks of wild Atlantic salmon not been achieved you may wonder or been even attempted for that matter! The reason is simply that they don't want to as the orders from above are to keep the emphasis on the farmed equivalent as that serves their agenda and pockets best. I 100% believe we have officials within salmon fishing management who are only there to make sure this amazing wild resource is kept down as nothing else could ever explain their lack of accomplishment or ignorance in regards to the fairly straight forward wild resource stock enhancement task in hand which amounts to nothing more than 'logical' large scale annual wild smolt outputs and effective oceanic protection.