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Salmon River Therapy

By 1st April 2022

It's truly fantastic that we still have the Scottish salmon rivers to take refuge in for 'cleansing the soul' and regaining positive mental composure amidst this world of chaos and deception.

Salmon Fishing Is Good For The Soul

There's something truly 'mystical' about the flow of a salmon river that does indeed re-charge the soul if you open your mind to its natural magnificence and energy. Maybe it's the fact I'm a 'water signed' Piscean being born in March (15th) as was my great mentor the late & famous Tay Ghillie Willie Laird (16th) although many other star signers will no doubt agree with what I'm saying here too. I'm not taking away from the excitement and challenge of catching such an often 'tricky' fish but this brilliant pursuit definitely goes much deeper than that for many salmon anglers.

The Attraction Of Scottish Salmon Fishing

I believe that the 'real' attraction of Scottish salmon fishing has very little to do with the actual objective of catching a salmon if you really try to work out why you'll continually stand beside or in a river with a fly rod in your hand. It's like a magnet that never switches off until you're there doing just that. A psychologist I'm sure could explain this mental 'pull' much better and why the peaceful draw of a salmon river is such a huge attraction for so many.

Escape To A Salmon River

Human beings were never meant to be contained in mobile metal boxes on tarmacadam runways or stressing to get to the next meeting in the 'concrete jungle' to climb an illusionary corporate ladder or to just be able to meet intentionally 'over inflated' monthly living costs. That nonsense and waste of life is the furthest polar opposite away from the vibe of the salmon river you could ever imagine. 'Escapism' for certain is definitely one of the main reasons why this amazing sport is so popular these days.

BBC Radio Interviews

I recall an interview I did with BBC Radio Scotland about 20 years ago where the reporter or presenter asked me what I thought the main attraction of being on a salmon river was. I replied that in my opinion we were not engaged in the marketing of Scottish salmon fishing but what we were selling was 'river therapy'! She liked my summary and instantly got my point and appreciated the simple explanation. I also informed her that if the NHS were prescribing a day's salmon fishing to its patients then the drug companies who are clearly out to intoxify the entire world would experience a huge fall in annual profits!

Take Your Salmon River Therapy Seriously

Next time you arrive on a your favourite salmon beat and are slipping into your chest waders and wading jacket think of them as a your anti modern day society protection suit which stops that contamination getting in and any similar frustrations getting out. Salmon are indeed highly sensitive creatures and the best & most effective salmon fishers are those who can tune in to their vibe and feel for exactly how our silvery friends may be viewing things (including the vibe of the salmon fishers that are present). The salmon river has an uncanny knack of calming even the most stressed or mentally super charged individuals down and usually in under an hour such is her amazing calming influence and power.