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Salmon Management Complacency

By 2nd June 2018

What a bunch of 'time wasters' our Scottish salmon rivers have been afflicted with over the decades on the scientific management side of things. Talk about 'pulseless' poke it with a stick wafflers and my goodness you wouldn't want any one of them on the other oar of your lifeboat!

Ineffectiveness Is Killing Wild Salmon

Ideally this rant should have been to celebrate the 'legends' that have pushed the boundaries of successful salmon stock regeneration to take 'Bonnie' Scotland to the very top of the worldwide salmon fishing premier leagues and not hanging by the thread of relegation at the bottom of the table! On the 'legend' status side of things the only one I see is the outstanding Bob Kindness over on the River Carron who's mysteriously managed to regenerate a 'more street wise & astute' wild Atlantic salmon population that doesn't seem to be affected as much by ocean mortality! I wonder where the salmon ocean survival school is located on the River Carron that's teaching Bob's fish to survive the perils of life at sea!

Get Yourselves Away From Our Rivers

You all know who you are and your abysmal river stock crashing CV's that you seem to be so proud of. Step down or just 'beat it' boys as you're very likely going to be removed if you don't. Enough nonsense please and you all should be completely embarrassed about your lack of vision, effective action or general ability to embrace worthwhile initiatives when all of the now required action would have been so much easier to implement had you not previously made a point of ignoring it! Imagine pointing the finger at the ocean when you don't even know your adult of juvenile stock position is! What other serious business anywhere in the world doesn't know or at least doesn't prioritise the technology to be able to provide that essential 'starting point' stock management data!

Overdue Salmon Management Shake Up

There will very soon be no hiding place left for you guys so forget the easy & brief annual exposure to serious questions of concern at the AGM where you'll side track & duck the questions of importance and come up with some 'flawed' nonsense to counter act your general failures and to divert from the answers being sought. You have done some serious damage by your 'inactivity' in areas that could have been true national game changers for the sport and the conservation of wild Scottish Atlantic salmon and you have taken your positions of national trust far too lightly! Move on and do our wild Atlantic salmon asset and everyone involved in this magnificent pursuit a huge favour!

Salmon River Management Brilliance

The Scottish salmon rivers don't need individuals of insular 'control freak' status or do they need individuals who won't pioneer proven simple science for guaranteed stock regeneration & 'control'. This industry needs true stock management specialists that can see ahead of time and understand the 'exact' daily tasks required to make 100% certain that projected stock target objectives are not just reached but absolutely obliterated! And if you boys ever see in the ranks of Scottish salmon river management a 'live wire' with the balls and tenacity to break from your sheep pen mentality then don't you dare ignore it and don't you ever categorise that 'live spark' as an 'out cast' type of maverick as 'independent' thinkers are 100% necessary and won't tolerate bullshit and will usually always move ahead with or without you!

The Ocean Mortality Scam

Mother Earth is an ever changing 'work in progress' so unless you're God what the hell were you all thinking about trying to blame oceanic plankton densities and all the other nonsenses that make such convenient distractions from the task you've been well paid to consistently fail at. A District Salmon Fishery Board has the word 'District' in it and that boys is your remit so stop making excuses that are linked to ocean mortality as there's always been mortality issues at sea. The way to overcome ocean mortality is to throw more 'mud at the wall' or is that scientific concept too much for your brains to effectively grasp! My advice is you'd better be showing 'logic based' effective plans very soon as the time for more bullshit or distraction tactics is well and truly over!