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Salmon Fly Fishing

By 13th October 2018

Fishing your way down through one of Scotland's fine salmon fishing rivers with a double handed salmon fly rod searching for one of the world's most prized gamefish is a true joy to behold. This is one of the reasons why fly fishing for Atlantic salmon has increasing demand as more people turn to Scottish salmon fishing for their recreational pursuit.

Over 400 Scottish Salmon Rivers

Scotland is very fortunate to benefit from over 400 salmon rivers which are spread throughout the nation however the main observed fishing effort is focussed onto the big four Scottish rivers Tay, Dee, Spey & Tweed. Add into the loop a few strategically positioned international airports and good motorway systems and you'll start to understand why Scotland is such a popular global salmon fishing destination.

Internet Salmon Fishing Marketing

With the age of the internet now well established for the marketing of Scottish salmon fishing paired with the instantaneous reach of social media there's no reason why Scotland won't become even more attractive to visiting salmon fishers. There's a significant annual influx of international fishing guests due to Scotland's unique reputation and blend of top salmon fishing and accommodation venues.

The Value Of Scottish Salmon Fishing

The Scottish salmon fishing industry has been recently valued at being worth in excess of £100 million per annum to the Scottish economy to give you an indication of its popularity. The true figure is probably significantly even greater than this when you take into consideration all the ancillary spend that commences from the moment a visitor touches down at any of our Scottish airports.

Scottish Salmon Fishing Popularity

With the above popularity and facts involved in Scotttish salmon fishing every salmon beat and accommodation establishment owner should take this global salmon fishing attraction as seriously as they can to ensure the best salmon fishing trip experience for all visitors. Enthusiastic professional ghillies in charge of well groomed riverbanks and top hotel staff service levels are the key to success for Scotland and its globally renowned salmon fishing assets.