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Salmon Fishing Tuition

By 22nd December 2021

There are so many different angles and skill sets involved in teaching salmon fishing that need to be adapted to suit the guest's entry level depending on whether he or she is a beginner or an established salmon fisher in need of fine tuning. Either way some solid and accurate salmon fishing information goes a long way in ensuring their success in this amazing sport.

Salmon Fishing Tuition In Scotland

What I mean by the above is that a beginner firstly needs to grasp the basics of how to make a Spey rod work properly for them along with good riverbank movement techniques. Most importantly a beginner needs to be shown exactly how to react to the take from a salmon as this is the bit that is often botched by salmon anglers of all experience levels and accounts for the loss of many salmon hooking opportunities each year on the Scottish rivers.

Salmon Fishing Fine Tuning

A more experienced salmon angler who's in need of some fine tuning will be drawn into the world of 'sub surface' fly performance which is often not studied anywhere near closely enough by the vast majority of salmon anglers if at all. This can include focussing on fly material movement in the stream or matching the speed and depth of the fly's presentation with the various different seasonal water conditions. It is indeed sub surface thoughts that catch you salmon consistently but most anglers are switched off to this important thought process.

Experienced Salmon Fishers

The seasoned salmon angler who knows exactly how to fish through a salmon pool who's thoughts are already 'sub surface' will be brought into the intuitive side of the sport. What I mean by this is letting them see the difference between an good angler who knows his game and the total expert who is tuned into other aspects of what they 'sense & feel' while salmon fishing. A serious professional will even be able to sense the slightest favourable adjustments in the atmosphere that will let him know that a take is imminent.

An Expert Salmon Fisher

A total expert will have been taught to operate on the 'subtle' thoughts that come into their mind throughout the fishing day through letting their natural senses & instincts lead the way. This individual will be a possibility thinker who can read a pool to a degree where they know exactly where a salmon could be holding regardless of the water conditions. The expert will leave many other anglers thinking he just got lucky and the expert will often keep his mouth closed when it comes to divulging exactly how he managed to make that salmon take when other had tried and failed.

Observing All Salmon Fishers

This expert individual will be the type who studies the form of other anglers and adjusts the fishing approach they have used and then fishes through the pool behind them to hook the only fish of the day. Get hold of the total expert who is on this 'rare' level of their game and draw the information you need to improve your understanding of salmon behaviour and their amazing Scottish river habitats. Our guided salmon fishing service is made up of a professional team who are all of sub surface 'expert' status.