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Salmon Fishing Reality

By 23rd July 2019

Where on earth did this new catch 'demand' concept come from that seems to have quietly crept into this magnificent pursuit. I never ever recall guarantees being given in Scottish salmon fishing and it always took skill and perseverance to make a salmon take a fly in fresh water.

The Salmon Fishing Challenge

I'm told we are in a down turn for salmon stock according to our seriously flawed catch stats monitoring system however I recall fishing days and weeks in the good old 70's where it was tough going too but I don't recall the same level of moaning that goes on today. It is no one's God given right to just turn up on a salmon river and expect a guarantee of a salmon and nor should it ever be as if that were the case where would the challenge be!

There's Always A Chance Of A Salmon

On the majority of salmon beats at most fishing times of the season there's always a chance of hooking and landing a salmon and for the 'osprey eyed' technician that is indeed the real challenge! When success is created out of tough conditions by the diligent & educated salmon fisher there's a huge sense of satisfaction involved and much more than when very occasionally salmon are in full Kamikaze mode!

Be Taught By A Salmon Fishing Professional

If you're new to salmon fishing and don't understand things like 'effective water coverage' or how to successfully 'react to the take on the fly' then get yourself brought up to speed quickly via a professionally guided salmon fishing day as you're unlikely to stay in this game otherwise. Listen to your guide and follow his instructions 'to the letter' and make that educational day count. A good effective launch will be a one off investment but money well spent if you're serious about learning what's needed. In saying that there's zero point paying top dollar for one of Scotland's finest salmon men unless you're in dry sponge mode!

It's No Ones Right To Catch Salmon Every Time

There are no guarantees in salmon fishing anywhere unlike the man made stocked pond trout fishing side of things so it's crucial you understand the basics of what creates success and stick with it long enough to feel the thrill of success for yourself. Nothing beats that first successful salmon capture except of course the second, third & forth one! Understand the game you are playing and keep your expectations levels low and your persistency levels high and our salmon God will very likely show up at some point soon enough.

Qualify Your Fishing Needs Properly

If you're an 'instant gratification' operator where your approach is such that you simply must catch salmon on every occasion you go fishing then this is the wrong pursuit for you as that's not going to happen and even for the most talented salmon fishers. Failure plays a big part of success no matter what you're trying to achieve and nothing hones your fishing skills more than a lack of success which is all too often blamed on the salmon river where a good old look in the fishing skills mirror would be far more appropriate for many salmon fishers!

Salmon Fishing Delayed Gratification

This business will bring you more than just salmon and will also bring personal growth, teach you patience and will stretch your mind to start thinking 'outside of the box'. Nothing beats the salmon river for slipping back into human being mode away from the fake arena of modern day society. Respect the salmon river and learn from it as salmon have never been susceptible to mental pressure or respectful of the male ego nor thankfully will they ever be. When they don't cooperate embrace the moment and regroup your thoughts for the next attempt as when that salmon does finally appear it will be even more rewarding!