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Salmon Fishing Perseverance

By 12th May 2018

A big part of achieving success in salmon fishing is maximising your 'controlled' salmon fly swim time through consistent perseverance. This week was another classic lesson in what it takes for success when fishing for salmon.

River Tay Fly Caught Salmon At Dunkeld

On the Dunkeld House beat of the Tay this week 3 lovely fish have been caught so far. The first was a perfect 17 pound fresh run beastie that was taken fairly quickly from the boat by one of our fortunate salmon fishing guests on the fly. It's always nice for everyone including the ghillie when a fine salmon appears early in the day but the reality is that isn't always the case and a fair bit of effort has to normally be applied to get there. At the end of the fishing day all anglers should feel that they've made their best fishing effort and maximised their chances of success.

Salmon Fishing Day Highlights

The majority of salmon that are caught usually need a fair bit of coaxing and the 2nd fish at Dunkeld on Wednesday literally came in the last 30 minutes of the fishing day. It's amazing how the human mind can delete all the hours of searching when that initial tug, draw and weight of a salmon is felt! The effort level to get to that stage must simply be there and consistently applied throughout the full course of the fishing day as giving up mentally or physically stands you a very minimal chance of success.

Highlights From The River Tay

The highlight on the Dunkeld House beat this week was the capture of a perfect fresh run sea-liced 9 pounder for visiting 70 year old South African fisherman Dave Gibbon. Dave came to Scotland for a few days to realise his dream of catching a salmon and quickly mastered the double handed Spey rod to an outstanding level of competence. Literally with Dave's last cast of the day on his last fishing day yesterday our Salmon God rewarded him for his flawless & consistent salmon fly fishing approach.

Play The Salmon Fishing Long Game

Perseverance accounted for 2 lovely Tay Spring fish this week of the 3 that have been caught at Dunkeld and this component of salmon fishing should never be underestimated. Don't just turn up on a river and think it's your God given right to catch salmon with a 'low energy' approach as that seldom happens. The reward from persevering is truly great and it always amazes me to see how perseverance pays off for those who are willing to not only listen to their ghillie's detailed advice but to also switch into 'long game' mode!