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Salmon Fishing Luck

By 8th April 2020

In salmon fishing regardless of how technically gifted you are with a fly rod or how good a beat you're fishing there's always an element of luck involved in catching a salmon. Opportunities to hook and land salmon are like moving targets that appear and disappear throughout the course of most fishing days and even if they don't always seem apparent they always do exist.

What Makes A salmon Take

It could be a subtle temperature lift after mid morning during the cold Spring months or the smell of fresh water in a salmon's nostrils following local rainfall that puts a fish in the right frame of mind to take a fly. My advice on this which is based on decades of observant riverbank experience is to never allow your head or enthusiasm levels to go down as salmon are indeed true masters of surprise.

Perfect Salmon Fly Presentation

Obviously if you're able to read a salmon pool effectively and work out where the best taking areas will be based on the current daily water conditions that's going to help matters. Fishing your salmon fly down through the pool in a measured and methodical manner is also going to help you to get lucky! Knowing how to set the hook effectively will also allow you to capitalise on a 'take' rather than squander it like the vast majority of salmon fly fishers do.

The Right Place At The Right Time

At the end of the day in salmon fishing there's a lot to be said for simply being in the 'right place at the right time' even though having a good understanding of the relative fishing skills are important too. I was watching a salmon fisher's youtube video recently just knowing the fish he was playing was going to come off and sure enough it did so understand the game you're playing and make sure you know how to set the hook effectively and play a salmon correctly.

Learn To Fish For Salmon

There's no real point in investing in the correct salmon fishing equipment levels and buying fishing access to a quality salmon beat without fully understanding the salmon fishing skills that are needed. Learning these important salmon fishing skills should be a top priority for any salmon fisher so that you can get to the point where you finally find yourself in front of a taking salmon and can 'make it count' with clinical precision!