Salmon Fishing Hot Spots

By 27th February 2018

There are some beautiful salmon pools on the River Tay but few as perfect as this particular salmon lie which stops running fish & holds resident fish throughout the Tay's extensive salmon fishing season. This fine salmon pool shot could easily creep into your fishing dreams!

The Gauge Tree Pool On The Dunkeld House Beat

This famous Dunkeld House beat salmon pool as featured above is the perfect 'stopper' of running salmon in medium to low water conditions when the River Braan side of the Tay becomes fairly shallow. The deeper running side of the Tay for salmon that have come up through Dunkeld Bridge is up along side the stone wall at the Dunkeld Cathedral which aligns them perfectly for the Gauge Tree pool.

Memories Of The Gauge Tree Pool

Twenty years ago I recall connecting with a perfect March run 20 pound sea-licer in here which was one of the nicest proportioned 'scale perfect' Spring salmon I'd ever seen. The same Spring I vividly recall walking down from the Chestnut Tree pool above and observing 3 or 4 salmon moving close in at the Gauge Tree. On arrival my first cast was received by a solid 'dunt' before my second cast got a firm hold of the culprit! My colleague appeared with the landing net and I told him to put the net down and have a cast too which he did so all of a sudden we were both playing Spring fish!

Recent Gauge Tree Pool Salmon Activity

Last Friday's perfect 15 pound Spring salmon that was caught by ghillies John Clark & Gordon Pollock was hooked in the Gauge Tree pool within a few feet of the riverbank. Until you've actually seen how close to the riverbank salmon move in higher water conditions you wouldn't truly believe it. On many occasions over the years I've advised anglers to stay on the riverbank on certain pools of the Tay who've ignored my advice to then see a salmon show between their wading position and the riverbank! I've personally followed a run of salmon up the side of the Tay in highish water conditions as they snooped slowly upstream within a few feet of the riverbank but you'd need to see this for yourself to stop you thinking I'm havering!

New Changes At The Gauge Tree Pool

Although salmon have previously been caught on the fly in this lovely Gauge Tree pool over the years the high bank at the top end of the pool psychologically puts fly fishers off. I've seen this on many salmon pools on the Tay and often these areas are absolutely 'deadly' for a fly as is the case at the Gauge Tree Pool on the Dunkeld House beat. Don't be surprised if this pool becomes another 'safe haven' for visiting salmon fly fishers as there's an over abundance of high quality spinning water upstream of the Gauge Tree pool. I'm a big believer in fly fishing & spin fishing segregation and I'm over qualified to talk about the value of running a successful salmon beat that way.

The Cathedral Stream Pool At Dunkeld

The left hand bank fly fishing that the lovely Gauge Tree pool represents doesn't get much better on the middle Tay for getting in front of a running or holding salmon and the entire area of the Dunkeld Cathedral has a certain 'magic' about it which has probably something to do with this specific 'historical' area being regarded as the 'sacred heart' of Scotland. The Cathedral Stream pool immediately downstream of the Gauge Tree pool is fishable only by boat and I'd say without doubt it's truly thee most enchanting cast on the entire River Tay due to its perfect fly fishing stream and the magnificence of the 'commanding' 200 year old Telford Bridge.