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Salmon Fishing Gift Vouchers

By 27th November 2019

While there's a vast selection of things you could buy for a loved one or colleague to make a 'special gift' there's little that compares to giving a quality introduction into the naturally beautiful world of Scottish salmon fishing. A guided salmon fishing experience on one of Scotland's major salmon rivers will provide an in depth insight into the skills that are required to be successful in Scottish salmon fishing. 

New Salmon Fisher Advice

For anyone who hasn't fished for salmon before who doesn't have the required salmon fishing equipment this is the perfect way to proceed for a quality introduction to this amazing Scottish rural pursuit. All of our professional salmon fishing guide team are well grounded through years of daily riverbank experience in all the skills required to catch & teach Scottish salmon fishing. Follow this link to buy a salmon fishing gift voucher.

Preparing To Fish For Salmon

There's much more to salmon fishing than just turning up on the riverbank with a salmon fishing rod. Understanding the correct levels of equipment that are required to be in with a chance of catching a salmon is only the tip of the ice berg. A professional salmon guide will teach you not only how to get the best performance from your fishing equipment but also how to cover each salmon pool optimally & effectively in addition to the required stealth of salmon pool approach.

Salmon Fishing Gift Vouchers

Part of our gift voucher supply service (once the recipient of the voucher advises their date availability or advises us in advance) is to book an appropriate salmon fishing venue that ties in with where we perceive the best fishing chances to be during the month of the season that's specified by the gift voucher recipient. We are happy to advise in advance on this topic however we can usually locate good salmon fishing venues during most months of the Scottish salmon fishing season on all of the big four Scottish salmon rivers Tay, Dee, Spey & Tweed.

Professional Salmon Fishing Guides

All of our team of 'professional' salmon guides have a minimum of 5 years guiding experience under their belts. This vital riverbank experience separates the men from the boys in guided salmon fishing and the average time served on the riverbanks of Scotland by our professional team is 10 years. Only through hands on riverbank hosting & guiding experience does a salmon guide truly pick up all of the required salmon fishing & guest hosting skills ensuring all Scottish salmon fishing guided days are delivered to the most appropriate high professional standard.

Giving The Ultimate Rural Experience Gift

A quality day learning how to effectively fish for salmon on one of Scotland's big 4 salmon fishing rivers will be fascinating & highly memorable for the recipient. There's so much amazing natural beauty in the riverbank surroundings so pairing that with a true insight on how to get the best performance from a salmon rod and how to move correctly down through a salmon pool makes a fantastic combination. A professionally conducted launch into this fine pursuit is also highly likely to mark the beginning of a fascinating past time pursuit for the recipient which is always a great thing compared to the less relaxing past time alternatives.