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Salmon Fishing Excitement

By 3rd November 2018

It never fails to amazes me how much 'real' power the salmon rivers of Scotland possess and I'm not talking about hydro power here even though that's a big topic that we'll keep for another day! I'm talking about the 'luring' power of the salmon river and how it affects us all.

Salmon Fisher Vehicle Identification

If you got a facial ID photograph of everyone who crossed Edinburgh's Forth Road Bridge or Glasgow's Kingston Bridge each morning between 7am & 8am on a northbound flight path out of the 100's of thousands of photographs you'd easily be able to work out who was heading to the River Tay for a day's salmon fishing by their facial expressions!

Escapism And The Salmon River

This is what our game is all about as the sheer internal excitement of the call of the salmon river is an unspoken non commercially capitalised internal buzz of sheer escapism delight that is more than a 'breath of fresh air' compared to the monotony and boredom of the concrete jungles many have to endure in modern day society survival.

Salmon River Hunting Is In Our DNA

How can the River Tay or other Scottish salmon rivers do this you may ask yourself. The answer is undoubtedly derived from our DNA where being 'set loose' on the rivers & glens of Scotland with a few trusted colleagues in pursuit of sustenance was just the way it was for our entire human species. This was obviously how we all 'thrived or died' and way longer than what this modern day society high tech 'blip' is providing.

Don't Spend Too Long On The Salmon River

A warning is required though before I move on here as you need to be really careful that you don't get too addicted and start considering a life on the river as a professional guide or boatman. This livelihood is way too awe inspiring for any spouse to truly ever get her head around and the wages are crap unless you develop a nose for cyber space or know how to deliver exceptionally high customer service levels.

Does Your Salmon Guide Look Confident

On a personal basis I remember buying a salmon landing net from Cafaro Bros in Glasgow at the age of 13 knowing I'd need it later in life when I was a ghillie on the Tay. My personal affliction set in early in life after my first intro to the Tay in 1970 when I got fortunate enough to meet and be immediately inspired by a true River Tay ghillie legend. These old Tay ambassadors didn't say much because they didn't have to and all of them had an 'unmistakable' look of confidence on their faces when they were anywhere near the Tay!