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Salmon Fishing Events

By 21st April 2019

There's no other pursuit in the natural world that can generate the same excitement and anticipation levels as what a trip to Scotland's famous River Tay can do. Add into the mix a Michelin starred riverbank catered lunch and the finest professional River Tay salmon fishing guide staff and you've now got something really special to offer your corporate guests.

Corporate Salmon Fishing Hiospitality

Our renowned salmon fishing event days commences with a brief overview of the sport and how we set out our stall to catch salmon with a discussion about the natural world and how salmon play a big part in the Scottish rural economies. Further discussion topics on river habitats and the importance of 'catch and release' to conserve this iconic Scottish asset are also entered into.

How The Salmon Fishing Day Is Structured

Once the theory of the sport has been discussed we then move to kitting every guest out with appropriate sized waders, waterproof jackets, life jackets and all the required salmon fishing equipment to match the prevailing daily water conditions. Our professional River Tay salmon guide staff will then perform a group teaching lesson to make sure everyone in the party has an understanding of salmon fishing river fishing tactics.

Salmon Fishing Teams

At this mid morning point of the day we now split up into three groups who will all approach the river with a different fishing tactic whether it be boat fishing, fly fishing or spin fishing. These different fishing disciplines will be rotated throughout the course of the salmon fishing event day so all guests gain hands on fishing experience with each salmon fishing method before the end of the day.

The Salmon Fishing Lunch

The fishing day lunch is usually set for 1pm and anticipation always grows as we approach the luxury salmon fishing hut to see what our professional catering staff have prepared and how the fishing hut has been transformed into a five star restaurant. It never fails to amaze me as to how any fishing hut can be easiy converted with white table cloths, quality cutlery and a few high stemmed wine glasses.

The Best Salmon Fishing Venues & Guides

It is usually always certain that during the course of our salmon fishing event days a salmon or two will cooperate as we always endeavour to select the best seasonal River Tay salmon fishing venues and top performing professional salmon guide staff. There's nothing that beats a good quality photograph of a new salmon fisher holding a perfect River Tay salmon on their first attempt at salmon fishing.