Salmon Beat Terms & Conditions

By 14th April 2018

If you're new to salmon fishing in Scotland it is imperative that you read a beat's Terms & Conditions thoroughly prior to booking your salmon fishing. These T &C's are in place for your own personal safety first and foremost and the enjoyment of your (& other guests) salmon fishing day.

Lifejackets And Why They Are Worn

An automatic life jacket is provided on salmon beats that take their Health & Safety policy seriously to basically save your life should you fall in or get bowled over while wading. There's no hidden agenda nor is this rule an attempt to inconvenience anyone's 'macho' image in any way. These are provided to minimise the possibility of the next salmon river tragedy and no other reason as all shallow water leads to deep water. Is it such an alien concept to try to keep your salmon fishers safe at all times!

Inexperienced Salmon Fishing Agents

Sadly the majority of Scottish salmon fishing agents are completely 'clueless' on most aspects of salmon fishery management as non of their representatives have logistically run a salmon beat in their lives. The focus for most agents is all about revenue and not doing the right thing for the ghilllie, visiting anglers or each individual salmon beat. It takes 2 seconds to remind all clients of the basics and that they should call the Head Ghillie 48 hours prior to confirm participation and if they are running late. Imagine turning up at a football match 1 hour late or better still the airport yet on a salmon river a ghillie is expected to put the entire days fishing operation & other guests on hold due to some discourteous salmon angler or agent who has failed to advise effectively.

Arrive On The Salmon Beat On Time

I've personally been steeped in daily salmon beat operations for most of my life so I know exactly what I'm talking about on this subject but this isn't an 'easy osy' come and go as you wish type of business. A Head Ghillie needs to know where his guests are at all times as he is ultimately responsible for their safety. He also needs to work out a daily salmon pool rota based on the fishing preferences of each individual fishing guest so how can he do that if a guest is running late and has disrespected the fishery to a point that a 2 minute phone call is too much trouble! It's not just the management of the Scottish salmon rivers & agents that need to sharpen up their act but an element of the 'quick to put the boot in' Scottish salmon fishers too via completely unfair one sided agent feedback forms that hide their own riverbank misconduct yet also clearly define they never read the T&C's in the first place.

Effective Daily Salmon Beat Management

If an angler cannot fit in to the daily operations of a professionally run salmon beat then they are best to stay away or go and inflict their ignorance on a beat that doesn't care about their fishing day operational standards. All these individuals will do is bring down other salmon fishing guest's enjoyment through their misguided perception that they as the paying guest are always right! While in my professional career I've only had to issue a red card on a few occasions however the older I get the more I realise that's the only way non conformists will learn to consider the Head Ghillie & the fishing day enjoyment of other paying guests.