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Salmon Beat Magnificence

By 17th December 2019

Look at this for a River Tay shot of 'swirling' God sent salmon fishing water magnificence. Even if you're a non salmon fisher can you not feel the pull of curiosity that would have you take a detailed closer look at what's going on under the surface of the river in glorious salmon water like this. The salmon river has the power to easily captivate your spiritual soul if you allow her in.

Modern Day Living

Let's not kid on here as to where we are as a species. The vast majority of people have been conditioned to accept completely unnatural living, eating and work conditions and are under the constant financial strain of modern day living. They say your 'health is your wealth' as many seriously unwell people would certainly agree and mental health definitely plays a part in that saying. The movement of the salmon river will almost hypnotise anyone who stands beside it for a few minutes or more so the energy of the river in itself is an amazing attribute of this fine pursuit. Add into that perfect 'living' natural scenery the occasional silver flash off a salmon's flanks and you do indeed have a recipe for total mind captivation!

Why We Fish For Salmon

There are clearly many fascinating reasons why we pursue salmon however the salmon rivers of Scotland will place you back into a far distant time whether you're aware of what happens to your spirit on the river or not. Where do you think the fascination of salmon fishing comes from if it's not from a deep routed need for 'natural' freedom paired with the excitement of being in with a chance of catching such a fine fish which once upon a time would have been so crucial for our very existence. 

The Social Side Of Salmon Fishing

As pack animals we take much from the social side of salmon fishing too and meeting fellow 'hunters' on the Scottish riverbanks must also resonate with our past. You cannot change deep routed desires to hunt in Mother Nature's amazing playgrounds and salmon fishing very much falls into that category. The next time you book your fishing ponder for a moment and ask yourself why. If you do you'll more than likely identify other areas of the pursuit that outweigh the apparent focal point of simply trying to catch that often 'elusive' salmon.

The Most Fabulous Pursuit Of All

There's nothing I've ever seen that compares to the thrill of just knowing that 'any moment now' there's a likely chance that your carefully presented fly is going to be assaulted except for of course that initial tug on the reel as the heart racing take begins. What other pursuit can create this excitement I often ask myself as I've certainly never experienced it anywhere else. Salmon have always been tricky to catch so the natural spacing between hooking opportunities whether it be minutes, hours or days adds to the mix of brilliance as if it were far too easy I'm certain it would be less appealing. I am convinced however that the bulk of the attraction in this business is mainly about good old natural 'escapism' and why not!