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A Perfect River Tay Springer

By 27th January 2018

This salmon was the inevitable end result of a talented River Tay ghillie being 'set loose' on a river that's coming into good fishing order. I've seen salmon caught on all water conditions however some far less than others. l'll now give you a bit of insight into the capture of yesterday's perfect fish.

The Dunkeld House Beat Head Ghillie

This fish was caught yesterday morning on the Dunkeld House beat of the River Tay by Head Ghillie Gordon Pollock who I personally regard as one of the very best professional salmon men in Scotland. Having studied his form over the last 15 years I don't hesitate when stating that as he's technically 'gifted' in all aspects of Scottish salmon fishing. After disappointing low freezing water conditions and a recent huge dirty flood ruining the first week things are now truly about to happen at Dunkeld. It is also no surprise to learn that Gordon caught this perfect salmon on a pearly pink 4 inch Tomic 'Classic' which he was fishing multiples of as mentioned in this news letter on the 24th of January. 

River Tay Spring Salmon Holding Beat

The Dunkeld House salmon beat is one of the very best bets for an early Spring salmon on the entire River Tay which is simply due to this beat having its lower half structured with deep wide slow moving pool formations which slows up the current and encourages salmon to hold. When the Tay is running high it turns most middle Tay beats into a torrent but not on Dunkeld House. In addition to the brilliance of the holding water on lower half of this salmon beat the upper half of the beat has perfect salmon fly water which has now for the first time been sanctioned as 'fly only' which already has been well received by many discerning River Tay salmon fishers.

Salmon Fishing 'Timing' Beats Salmon Fishing 'Time In'

Although yesterday saw the water levels on Dunkeld House still nowhere near perfect with much high water debris in the river the conditions were good enough for Gordon to be out yet again systematically covering all the likely high water Spring salmon holding areas. All dedicated River Tay ghillies will be 'naturally' keen for their first salmon each year if they're conscientious about the reputation of their salmon beat or are remotely competitive. The indicator of a keen professional ghillie is not necessarily whether salmon have been caught but whether they have been out trying or not. At Dunkeld House a 'daily & thorough' attempt has been made since the 15th and the above is the well deserved end result of that consistent effort. With water conditions now favourable I've no doubt you'll be seeing much more of the above in the coming weeks on the Dunkeld House beat.

Dunkeld House Beat Fishing Prospects

With the recent flood water now behind us the prospects for this middle River Tay salmon beat are truly excellent and although a higher ticket price which I'll get into in a minute this beat is massive value for money if you're equating it to your actual chances of catching a Spring salmon like this one. Personally I'd rather pay £50 or £60 to be in with a real chance of a Springer in the early months of the season than £30 to have the slimmest of chances. The Dunkeld House beat prices for 2018 were set with careful consideration for the recent £1,000,000 investment which was made to purchase this prime middle Tay salmon beat from the Hilton Group last November.

Dunkeld House Beat Investment Plans

Up until then this beat was only leased with no huge outlay of finance like this to account for. Part of the investment is for the construction of a brand new fully serviced 'state of the art' salmon fishing hut at the tranquil top end of the beat. In addition to this 2 brand new traditional Tay coble boats have been ordered from John Ferguson at Stanley (which will only ever be varnished) plus 3 brand new Yamaha 4 stroke engines. On top of that VAT was charged on the sale of the asset which now has to be accounted for to HMRC on all rod & boat sales going forward. Some anglers still feel Spring fishing on the Tay should be given away as it has been by beats that have no concept of marketing or that don't fish well during early Spring. That aside finances must be accounted for and I've got nothing but total respect for the new owners of Dunkeld House for investing in Scottish salmon fishing and so should all visiting salmon fishers.

New Booking Platform For Dunkeld House

In order to professionalise and 'liven up' the presentation of the Dunkeld House beat and other quality Scottish salmon beats that see the commercial sense in free (hard earned) exposure at the top of the Google search engine for big search words like 'salmon fishing Scotland' I built a new beat presentation & booking engine platform last Spring which has already "saved last season" for other Tay salmon beats which was the comment from one beat owner last year who took an additional £12,000 in revenue in a only a short 5 month period. This new booking platform is fully secure and has all the built in technology as never seen before in Scottish or global salmon fishing. This is a long term project for the benefit of Scottish salmon fishing and the 'attempted individual beat sabotage' reaction from a competitor agency who have done little with the trusted position they were given in Scottish salmon fishing was the biggest commercial compliment I've ever been paid so thank you!

Why Book Through Salmon Fish Scotland

I'm a true time served professional Scottish salmon fishing guide who has built a solid reputation in all areas of the Scottish salmon fishing industry who has unrivalled 'hands on' agent experience of this fine pursuit and I'm available 24/7 on 0131 618 7058 to offer an in depth insight into any aspect of Scottish salmon fishing. In addition to that 'unique' customer service benefit for every £100 of permit (or boat) purchases that are made through this booking platform you will receive one appropriate and perfectly tied complimentary Scottish salmon fly pattern that will match the month of the season you have booked. On top of that you'll also gain automatic entry into our 'Fish of the Month' competition where a quality malt will be presented for the best photograph of a salmon caught by any angler who has booked through this booking platform. There are no processing or booking fees and all credit card charges are absorbed by ourselves and not inappropriately passed onto Scottish salmon beats.