Learn To Tie Great Salmon Flies

By 20th April 2018

If you want to start building up a salmon fly collection that'll work for you on the riverbanks of Scotland then the only patterns you need to pay close attention to are the ones the 'big catch' professional Scottish ghillie team are using!

Learn To Tie You Own Salmon Fly

My own personal advice is to learn to tie your own as you'll be able to get exactly what you want in a salmon fly and add in a few subtle 'faith' based additions to even the most popular salmon fly pattern. There are so many different ways to tie a pattern as far as the bulk of a salmon fly goes but most of the foreign mass produced flies tend to be a bit on the over dressed side for my liking and it's always better for fishing 'faith' if you're fishing a fly that's 'exactly' the way you want it both proportionately & for precise material colours. There's also significantly more satisfaction involved in catching a salmon on a fly you've tied for yourself.

Mass Foreign Produced Salmon Flies

While there's some lovely salmon flies being imported into the UK that are well enough tied the unseen area is that they're mass produced therefore tied in a 1 stage 'rapid speed' process. This translates into the angler purchasing a salmon fly that will work for a limited period of time before it starts to fall apart and needs binned. If you're paying £3 to £5 for a salmon fly my advice to anyone would be to make sure you're buying a 2 stage salmon fly. What I mean by that is make sure the body has been tied, double coat varnished and dried before the fly is finished off. If you buy a fly that has been tied properly like that it will last you 10 times longer even if it's being regularly exposed to salmon's teeth!

Where To Buy Your Salmon Flies

If you've got exact patterns you love and have faith in or you're new to this business and have consulted with the serious Scottish ghillie brigade as to what patterns are worth having in your salmon fly box then you only really need to be carrying no more than a dozen well selected salmon flies with you. The shop salmon flies are convenient however if you're taking this pursuit seriously you should be planning you salmon fly box just as carefully as your salmon pool approach. Salmon Fly Tyer Danny McLaughlin has been my personal tyer for the last 15 years when I've struggled for time to sit down at the vice and Danny knows exactly how to tie a proper salmon fly in the correct 'salmon fly longevity' 2 stage process.

Dunkeld House Spey Casting School

We are now looking closely at kicking off the Dunkeld House Spey casting school on the second Sunday of each month commencing this coming July. This will be a free Spey casting ongoing tuition course for adults & youngsters run by some of Scotland's most 'professional' Spey casting instructors. I'm hopeful to also be able to formally announce that Danny McLaughlin will be in attendance on occasion to demonstrate to anglers the finer points of salmon fly tying and where anglers can buy the best materials and fly tying tools so that they can get effectively started in the creation of their own salmon fly patterns. I'll be announcing more in the coming weeks on all of the above.