Fresh Run Early Spring Salmon

By 25th December 2018

The early months of the Scottish salmon season gives you the chance to see an example of what silver should really look like on the flanks of God's finest marine creation. This can best be described as 'more silvery than a big bag of silver things'!

Early Spring Salmon Fishing

Most of the Scottish salmon fishing fraternity prefer the later Spring months when there are more fish about and the water levels are down with warmer more tolerable air temperatures. Personally as a seasoned professional River Tay ghillie I'd be scratching at the door of the house like a demented werewolf to get out and into the Tay's fresh air during the early months of the year for the chance of a real fish which I know only too well are always present in the Tay during that time of the fishing season.

The Early Spring Salmon Challenge

During the early Spring when higher water conditions and fewer salmon are present to target it increases the cubic foot of water to salmon ratio which is a great time of year to hone your persistency & river water coverage skill levels to be in with a fair chance of success. This time of year separates the men from the boys as the men will be out there where it matters and the boys will be thinking up different excuses why they shouldn't be. The real salmon men however understand the exceptional prize they are playing for and have deep routed faith in the presence of these specimen Tay salmon and that's the main difference.

The Scottish River Opening Days

While the opening day ceremonies on all the Scottish rivers are heavily attended it amazes me how the thousands of anglers who show up for the celebrations are then mainly nowhere to be seen for the following 2 or 3 months. This year on the Tay rising coloured water conditions ruined any real chances of success on the 15th of January which was a shame but a brilliant basic lesson from the salmon river who cares not a jot for well attended ceremonies, river reports or even TV cameras.

Take Early The Salmon Fishing Months Seriously

These early months are some of the best of the year and highly under rated for a chance of connection with a Loch Tay destined 'clunker' of a Spring fish. This was the time of year on the Tay when the 'Yellow Belly' devon minnow was used with great effect in the 70's as was a big whiskered long tailed 'Yellow & Orange' tube fly when systematically and expertly swung over the salmon lies from the boat. This was also the time of year to sit beside a coal fire in the fishing hut with a quality dram in your hand listening to the amazing stories of the Head Ghillie while still as 'high as a kite' from the capture of your first Spring fish of the season. 

Get Yourself Out Onto The River

Don't be deceived or put off by a big flowing Scottish salmon rivers during the early months of the Spring nor be surprised about the lowish 'catch stats' reporting nonsense that's sadly now influences the amount of rod pressure Scottish salmon fishing has received over the last decade. None of these above factors mean that the timing of your fly or lure won't soon coincide with the square metre of salmon pool where a perfect brute of a fresh run Spring salmon has just pitched tent before its deadly and still prevalent hunting instinct begins the scrap of a lifetime!