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By 8th June 2019

If your ever think that salmon fishing is too difficult or your success ratio is 'non existent' then don't right this game off unless you've taken the time to be shown how to 'effectively' catch salmon. Far too many anglers 'blunder' into this business on the back of an 'detached' agent permit sale with no idea of what they're doing then exit after a few 'guaranteed' to be unsuccessful salmon fishing attempts!

Salmon Fishing Tuition Should Be Mandatory

How on earth would a professional salmon guide be able to climb into the cockpit of a Boeing 747 and successfully get that big bird airborne without some highly effective 'prior' training! That logic applies with anyone's profession where there's usually always mandatory training and qualifications required. Now our game offers PHD's on how to use a fly rod but from what I've seen there's little or nothing out there that teaches you the 'real stuff' like how to make your salmon fly behave properly in the stream and get away from being a 'launch & hope' specialist. Success in salmon fishing starts when your fly hits the water and doesn't just end there!

Poor Scottish Salmon Beat Presentation

To my mind Scottish salmon fishing is largely underdeveloped by the majority of beat owners & agents not taking their asset or business seriously enough which is clearly reflective in their web presence if they've even bothered to build a web site. An 'entry point' salmon fishing basic permit was never ever intended for a newcomer to this business but only for experienced salmon fishers who know exactly what they're doing and as importantly have the right levels of equipment including the most appropriate salmon flies & lures! No wild Atlantic salmon is ever going to surrender itself unless careful planning & salmon pool presentation are fully engaged along with the salmon fisher's full 'sub surface' thought process.

The 'Launch & Hope' Salmon Fishing Brigade

Speaking from decades of experience in observing the various skill levels of anglers that turn up on the Scottish rivers throughout each day & week of the salmon fishing season the honest undisclosed 'hit rate' for angler to salmon caught ratio is highly likely going to average something like 20 to 1 at the very best! What I mean by that is there will be likely 20 rod days sold to result in 1 fish being caught. I'm not referring here to professional salmon guide attempts or salmon beats that are run effectively from a fishing point of view but I'm referring to the 'hit rate' of untrained anglers who turn up on a basic 'permit only' supply who have ignored (or where never offered) the necessary training that is most 'definitely' required for consistent success in this fantastic pursuit.

How We Should Be Viewing The Scottish Rivers

From what I've seen and have studied most of the planet during these times is contaminated with a 'luciferian style' inversion of the truth. The Scottish salmon fishing game is no different where the only emphasis is placed on 'catch statistics' which tells us nothing of how many salmon were in a beat to be caught, how many anglers were present to fish for them or how many opportunities to land salmon were squandered through unskilled salmon fishers. One beat could be completely stuffed with fresh run 'takers' and no one there to interview them so that beat get's zero attention and so this very 'sad' marketing story continues! Statistics in this business should be reversed onto the agent's and angler's presentation and angling skill levels and the seriously flawed 'salmon caught' statistics theme left well alone!

Book A Professional Salmon Fishing Guide

If your mind is like a 'dry sponge' ready for water it's not necessarily the important salmon fishing casting, movement & salmon hooking skills you'll be taught by a professional salmon guide but more often than not its the unspoken 'observational' stealth, vibe & consistent persistency of a top professional you'll pick up on most. The key to the deal is finding a professional guide who's been around long enough to give you the full picture and one who is highly skilled & experienced in all salmon fishing approaches. Again like 'sleeping' agents and beat owners there are guides who who are only posing as salmon guides and there are those who were clearly otters or ospreys in past lives! To book the latter follow this link to obtain the 'highly astute' services of a professional Scottish salmon fishing guide.