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Fishing Scottish Rivers

By 23rd February 2019

Fishing for salmon on the Scottish rivers is much more than just another outdoor pursuit. The Scottish salmon river can easily take full command of your mind with its hypnotic flow and beautiful ever changing light shows. Salmon fishing is a truly therapeutic rural pursuit which will align you with much more than the chance of capturing one of the most sought after gamefish of all.

Time Served Professional Ghillie Status

When I was serving my time as a professional ghillie on the Tay there was nothing better than sitting on the riverbanks after a busy day of hosting fishing clients and watching the magnificence of the river before heading home. Many salmon anglers just enjoy being out in this amazing environment and even when rough weather closes in there's a beauty present that's hard to describe.

Escaping To The Salmon River

Maybe this is something to do with the sharp contrast between the artificial concrete jungles and computer screen dominating world we have created and the instant relief of being back out in the natural world where our species originated from. With certainty the flow of the river adds a soothing vibe to the glory of the riverbanks and can easily put you under its spell.

Neptune's Finest Creation

A day on a salmon river in pursuit of Neptune's finest is indeed a brilliant way to create a sustainable balance and offset the modern day work pressures of normal business life. The salmon river will give you time to think in detail about anything you wish and therefore is also a brilliant environment for making decisions in.

The Amazing Scottish Salmon Rivers

Whether you're a salmon fisher or not treat yourself to a day out into this natural arena and realign your mind with a deeper awareness of the beauty Scotland is so fortunate to possess and the amazing vibe and excitement that comes from being surrounded by it all with a salmon fly rod in your hand.

Book A Scottish Salmon Fishing Introduction

The most sensible and cost effective way to introduce yourself to this amazing sport is via a fully guided salmon fishing day on one of Scotland's famous salmon rivers. This day provides not only all of the appropriate salmon fishing equipment from rods to waders but will give you a thorough insight into the correct salmon fish tactical approaches along with all other relevant aspects of what it takes for success in this amazing pursuit. Follow this link for detailed information on a quality assured Scottish guided salmon fishing experience.