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Fine Tune Your Speycast Tomorrow

By 7th July 2018

The Dunkeld Speycasting Club commences tomorrow at 12pm in front of the Dunkeld House Hotel on the 'Lady Pool' of the Dunkeld House salmon beat. Follow this link to see the exact location of the Dunkeld House beat fishing hut and 'Lady Pool' on the attached Google map.

Perfect Your Salmon Fishing Approach

Whether you're an experienced salmon fisher in need of a slight polish or brand new to this fantastic pursuit then this is truly a great opportunity for 'complimentary' assistance with any aspect of your Spey casting or general salmon fishing approach. I see it all the time where there's usually one little technical error that knackers the entire cast and hinders a salmon fisher from optimising their full casting potential and water coverage. Much of this is caused by the new and largely 'ugly' casting techniques that have drifted away from the traditional 'elegance' of the Spey cast that initially attracted so many of us into this amazing pursuit.

Professional Salmon Guide Instruction

This Sunday Dunkeld House beat Head Ghillie Gordon Pollock will be heading up the Spey casting tuition. Gordon is indeed one of the very best 'professional' technicians who has a tremendous knowledge and understanding of the Spey cast. As importantly Gordon has vast experience of catching salmon and has served on multiple beats of the River Tay in a full time career capacity. There's some great talent on the Tay from the professionals who run the various salmon beats but Gordon is certainly in the top bracket for sheer technical understanding of all aspects of this business. The brilliant John Clark who's another Dunkeld House salmon beat ghillie and Spey casting 'guru' will also be present to assist with tuition. John has a truly amazing wealth of knowledge of all things salmon related.

Dunkeld House Spey Casting Club Operating Times

The Dunkeld House Speycasting club will commence tomorrow the 8th of July at 12pm through to 3pm and will be open on the 2nd Sunday of each River Tay fishing month on an ongoing basis. There will be no tuition or entry fees for the Spey Casting Club and if you bring the family the beautifully renovated Dunkeld House Hotel has a lovely Sunday lunch menu that's reasonably priced. Bring your own salmon fly rod, wellies or waders and a piece of wool will be issued by Gordon to simulate the weight of a salmon fly. Life jackets are mandatory on the Dunkeld House beat and will be available for anyone who requires a loan of one. Please bring suitable fishing glasses for mandatory eye protection too. There will be a few demonstration Spey rods available for teaching purposes if you wish to travel light. Youngsters are exceptionally welcome to attend on the condition that they are accompanied by a parent at all times.

Fine Tune Your Salmon Fishing Skills

While most people think about salmon fishing tuition to be only about learning how to use a salmon fly rod I can assure you that is only the tip of the iceberg! To be consistently effective in Scottish salmon fishing you need to understand the value of good riverbank movement, be able to read a salmon pool, know how to make a take count by understanding how to set the hook along with having a good idea of the sizes and styles of salmon flies that work throughout the varying water heights and temperatures of the Scottish salmon fishing season. Without a reasonable understanding of the above fishing skills salmon for most fishers can remain highly elusive! Attending the Dunkeld Spey Casting Club will positively impact your salmon fishing success ratio and feel free to bring your family or colleagues. All professional ghillies from the Tay or any Scottish salmon river are very welcome to attend (or assist with teaching) or to represent or promote their own individual salmon beats.