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Famous Salmon Fishers

By 7th May 2023

It never ever fails to amaze me of who you'll meet on a Scottish salmon river. Here's footballing legend Graeme Souness (happy 70th Greame) the former Liverpool and Rangers player & manager who carved a fantastic reputation in the footballing word at home and abroad. A true soccer legend indeed and a great man to be in the company of on the salmon river.

Scottish Salmon Fishing VIPs

Over the years I've personally hosted many other celebs including former Rangers & Scotland manager Walter Smith, Michael Keaton, the Princess of Dubai and also the CEO's of Coca Cola, Diageo & Honeywell to name a few which are all massive global operators in their own individual industries. I also recall overhearing a Russian fishing guest in my boat (immediately after landing 2 fine fish) conclude a telephone deal with JP Morgan worth $2 billion dollars!

The Attraction Of Salmon Fishing

The common denominator for all of the above was clearly the 'pull & draw' of the Scottish rivers and in these cases specifically the 'mighty' River Tay. When you step back and look at what Scotland is really famous for you'll see that salmon fishing is highly placed as far as recreational pursuits go.

Salmon Fishing Economics

They say that Scottish salmon fishing is currently worth over £100 million pounds annually to the Scottish economy. How they figure out all the ancillary spend to come up with that valuation figure I've no idea but I would strongly suspect other revenue streams generated by visiting salmon fishers are not accurately accounted for.

Salmon Fishing Entrepreneurs

With this vast amount of incoming salmon fishing business coming into Scotland the entire sport is screaming for real entrepreneurs to step forward to improve the way Scottish salmon fishing is presented. Gone are the days of 'passive' marketing by estates and agents who don't understand the power of effective technological investment as we are now in an era where 'active' internet marketing is required as is the case with any competitive business.

A New Salmon Fishing Marketing Strategy

I personally believe Scotland has been hindered with relatively poor salmon fishing marketing approaches in recent decades but that looks as if it's changing for the better with more estates & professionals finally starting to utilise social media and other internet marketing strategies. As a forerunner with the rebirth of 'effective' Scottish salmon fishing presentation we are currently working on new groundbreaking marketing concepts that will 'blow the hinges off the barn doors' if successfully established so watch this space closely.