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Dunkeld Salmon Fishing Tuition

By 18th June 2018

Like anything worthwhile in life if you're going to do something then do it right or not at all. This same thought process applies to putting a fly through a salmon pool as there's little point or satisfaction unless it's done correctly.

More Than A Day On The Salmon River

While I understand for many anglers it's just about being out on the river and getting away from it all but equally they should be completely focussed on exactly what they are showing their quarry and making sure they have the ability to fish at reasonable range for effective and optimised salmon pool coverage. These skills are easy to pick up and if learned correctly will enhance any angler's salmon fishing experience ten fold. The teaching of these important salmon fishing skills usually does however need to be arranged separately from your day out on the river unless you hire a professional salmon guide to accompany you for a day. 

Catching Atlantic Salmon Requires Skill

Make no mistake about it that catching a wild Atlantic salmon in the river takes skill and no fish will simply just surrender itself for an 'interview' without a carefully planned salmon pool coverage approach. The main problem in this business from what I've personally seen is that anyone can just walk into a tackle shop and stock up with the appropriate kit and then buy the salmon fishing permit access and turn up on the river with little idea of how to use it. While they'll definitely look the part their chances of actually catching a salmon will be at best a 100 to 1 shot!

Learning How To Load A Salmon Fly Rod

Getting the best out of a double handed salmon fly rod is all about understanding how to 'load' it properly and the techniques that are required for successful loading are therefore vital for Spey casting. If a beat ghillie is a Spey casting 'guru' and has time to show you how to use the kit properly then that's great but often a professional ghillie won't have the time to spend when there's other paying guests on his salmon beat to be attended to. Booking a professional guide who knows more than just how to cast is the easiest and the most effective way into this sport if you're serious and are even remotely results orientated.

No Prior Salmon Fishing Experience

Imagine walking onto a shoot with no knowledge of how a gun functions! It just wouldn't happen or be allowed to happen by the shoot staff. Or getting into a car with no one explaining about the clutch and how it functions in relation to the gear box or what the numbered gears even mean. So why then in salmon fishing are guests allowed to fish through a salmon pool who have little or no knowledge of how to fish. Scottish salmon fishing is serious national business and with the arrival of the internet it's been made completely 'catch statistics' driven so if you're new to the sport then get the basic skills mastered quickly or get 'fine tuned' if you're success rate is disappointing you.

The Dunkeld House Spey Casting Club

On Sunday July the 8th there will be a 'complimentary' Spey casting service conducted on the Dunkeld House salmon beat which will assist any interested angler with their basic 3 step salmon fishing approach i.e how to Spey cast (piece of wool only), move through a pool & the best procedure to follow when a salmon takes (simulated). The location of this Spey casting club will be right in front of the Dunkeld House Hotel and fishing hut on the left hand bank of the Dunkeld House Beat's 'Lady Pool' or if a different pool location is required (due to high water) a sign will be on the fishing hut with directions to whichever other Dunkeld House beat salmon pool is being used. This casting club will commence at 12pm and run through to 3pm on the 2nd Sunday of each 'in season' fishing month and will continue on an ongoing basis.