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Colossal Scottish Salmon Runs

By 26th February 2019

At what point does our wild Scottish salmon resource start attracting significant funding like we see getting pumped into the superb new 140 million pound Macallan Distillery on Speyside or other investments in the past like Billy Connolly's Movie 'Brave' which attracted several million from Visit Scotland or the 4 million for re-introducing wild beavers back to Scotland.

Massive Economic Payback With Salmon

If there was a huge payback in the Big Yin's movie as indicated here to the estimated tune of £120 million then why on earth can Scottish salmon fishery management not unify and see the £1 billion pound 'potential' of the Scottish wild Atlantic salmon asset that can simultaneously play on over 400 of the most picturesque movie screens! Our 'poke it with a stick' managed asset is a 'sitting duck' for a detailed 5 year battle plan where the scientists take a much needed 'back seat' and allow 'common sense' and 'proven science' to take over to re-establish the huge wild 'genetically intact' Atlantic salmon stocks that Scotland once benefitted from. What we see today after decades of being trusted with these positions of 'national trust' is the true end result of the current management's ability & brain power as this is 'exam results' time where the vast majority have failed the most basic common sense tests.

Naturally Genetic Intact River Stocking

I'm not talking here about something similar to destroying the wild brown trout fisheries of Scotland like with what was done in the 70's & 80's via the introduction of non native rainbow trout. I'm talking here about giving 'Mother Nature' a much needed 'helping hand' to counteract the definite increase of 'in river' & suspected oceanic predation levels by utilising God given natural 'genetically intact' and significant juvenile wild salmon numbers to counteract the various stock depleting factors that have diminished the natural wild Atlantic salmon runs as already perfectly proven by Bob Kindness over on the River Carron with his brilliant working example of how to 'quickly & effectively' rebuild and maintain a wild Atlantic salmon population.

The Value Of Increased Biodiversity

Increased Scottish wild Atlantic salmon stocks bring about vastly improved 'biodiversity' angles that benefits fresh water pearl mussels, lampreys and many other species of protected and endangered Scottish wild life. Wild Atlantic salmon stock smolt ranching needs to be taken seriously as there's zero benefit to Scotland's economies or its 'biodiversity' in sporadic & inconsistent salmon runs if protecting our 'natural heritage' and attracting huge economic value is important to the nation which it certainly should be.

Salmon Management Egos

Sure you're going to get people arguing with their 'non coal face' nonsense opinions and their massive yet 'defeatist' egos! You're going to also have an embarrassment issue to overcome when hotels are once again sold out and the car hire companies at the Scottish airports have no hire cars left for not moving sooner on this! I still cannot believe that the boffins still have the nerve to point the finger at 'ocean mortality' as there's always been 'ocean mortality' while not even after decades have the river management been able to tell you what the current or historic outgoing smolt migration numbers even were! A child could work out that there's a far greater chance of a better return from 1,000,000 juvenile salmon going to sea than what you'd receive from 10,000 or 20,000 regardless of what's happening out there!

Step Down If You Don't See It 

If you're an official who is opposed to the concept of wild smolt ranching or refuses to see the value of the concept even though it's been proven in Scotland, Iceland and other areas of the world then fine but please do the nation & the future of the industry a favour and step down. No official has the right to play about with the jobs of thousands of professional career ghillies through AGM 'smoke screening' or self preservation techniques and nor does anyone have the right to get in the way of the massive economic rewards that are just around the corner for the entire nation. We have a huge opportunity here to not only invest adequately in the future of wild Scottish Atlantic salmon but to be global forerunners at developing wild 'genetically intact' stock ranching techniques and release timings that 'compliment & enhance' natural in-river stocks and bring about the rebirth of the once huge Scottish salmon runs that were so 'gloriously' present not that many decades ago.