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By 15th June 2019

When you're booking your Scottish salmon fishing support the guys that have gone that extra mile to 'select' & present the best salmon fishing venues in an 'informative & visual' manner for your benefit. Support also those who have played a part in professionally promoting Scottish salmon fishing over the decades via positive daily internet content and lifetime 'career' application on the rivers of Scotland.

True Professional Fishing Advice

You wouldn't take a driving lesson from someone who couldn't drive so book through myself and open your door to top level personal professional advice on any aspect of salmon fishing. My adult life has been spent on the operational side of Scottish salmon fishing and I'm at 'expert' status in understanding salmon beat operational standards, Atlantic salmon & salmon fishing guests and what they expect from their important salmon fishing permit purchase.

Prior Head Ghillie Status

I've personally earned the right through blood, sweat & tears to represent any Scottish salmon beat that has an owner with a 'commercial pulse' who wishes to take 'full advantage' of my hard earned Google internet reach and absolute professionalism in corresponding with salmon fishing enquiries. Scottish salmon fishing has generally been undersold & grossly under presented up until this website's launch 2 years ago and this is sadly just a hard fact. Supporting this booking platform will encourage more quality salmon beats to participate and take full advantage of additional fishing revenue which also adds further to the growing selection of quality salmon fishing on offer.

Salmon Beat Operational Standards

We are now heading into a 'new era' where salmon beats that have raised their operational standards to a level that will meet all salmon fishing guest's expectations will have the opportunity to be properly presented for the first time on a far wider internet marketing reach via this platform. All Scottish salmon beat permit rod sales are important news for any salmon beat or any community that's involved in the delivery of even one 'single rod single day' booking due to the positive economic 'knock on' effect of visiting salmon fishers. If you're going to act as an agent for Scottish salmon fishing be very sure you understand the importance and significance of your commercial stance. If you're a professional ghillie don't let the 'contagious' negativity of what the misinformed & highly dangerous media are consistently spewing about Scottish salmon stock declines put your head down and get yourself out there and show your fishing guests and the beat owners exactly how it's done as demonstrated perfectly this Spring on the Dunkeld House beat of the Tay where catches have doubled this season.

A Careless Agent Approach

The naive existing agent's approach has been to sell Scottish salmon fishing based purely on 'catch statistics' and 'water levels' which is fine when the natural salmon cycles are running high but 'cripples' the industry when these cycles and the rivers are running low. There are always salmon to be caught on any of the major Scottish rivers at any time of the season and that's only ever achieved when your fly is swimming effectively. 'No fish no fishers no fishers no fish' makes this marketing stupidity a potential downward spiralling 'self fulfilling' prophecy. How could any agent ignore for well over a decade the visual beauty of a Scottish salmon beat and the natural ambiance of these beautifully flowing and individually created geological Scottish assets.

Number One Salmon Fishing Nation

As a nation Scotland should always be the very first thought that comes into any global salmon fisher's mind when considering a salmon fishing trip. We have over 400 rivers with excellent local licensed hotel accommodation options in each valley and a few logistically located international airports thrown into the blend making all salmon venues easily commutable. Now that I've stepped back from a career of full time river life and I'm now fully 'unleashed' in 'cyber space' I'll be driving my keyboard hard each day to give existing and potential Scottish salmon fishing guests a more informative and visual take on God's finest salmon fishing nation.