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Ambassadors Of The River Tay

By 14th February 2018

Life is an ever evolving process where we all initially make our decisions based on the information we receive so ultimately you're relying on the accuracy of that information to make these vital career decisions. Here's a few of my own personal observations & thoughts over the decades as I approach my 53rd year.

Modern Day Society & Its Illusions

On a personal basis being around the River Tay for a big part of my life opened my mind as to why on earth anyone would want to spend their entire life 'trapped' in an office environment or ultimately owned by the Rothschild banking cartel via life term loans on money that never truly existed. True wealth in my opinion is derived from having your health 100% intact & your God given right to be a 'free spirit' while you're on this planet. From what I can see big traps have been set up in society and Governments view us as nothing more than exploitable revenue generating commodities while they continue their games of deception.

The River Lifestyle Of A King

As a youngster I watched my entrepreneurial father commercially batter himself to death with massive payroll responsibilities to meet every Friday afternoon while most of his exceptionally wealthy building trade clients sat on the vast amounts of money that were always way overdue to him. I compared that to the life my late colleague Willie Laird was concurrently enjoying on the Tay as a professional & highly respected ghillie and it was a one horse race!

Real Wealth On A Salmon River

Willie Laird in my opinion was a 'billionaire' in 'life style' and he didn't own a house, a car or even a bank account. As a youngster I used to send him a Christmas card and a birthday card on the 16th of March which I never forgot as it was one day after my own. I always addressed his cards to 'Sir William Laird', Ladywell Cottage, Birnam, as respect for his brilliant life purpose and the integrity and absolute professionalism he delivered to thousands of River Tay salmon fishers throughout his 50 years of professional river life.

River Tay Ghillie School

The real men of the Tay you'll bond with for life as these men are still and always have been in a true league of their own. I recall walking into a middle Tay fishing hut as a 5 year old in 1970 in complete 'observation' mode and met three of these 'special' men and one of them George McInnes is still fully operational today on the Ballathie beat of the Tay displaying his 'magical' abilities in hosting fishing guests and producing salmon even when the going is tough. Personally I think the Tay District Salmon Fishery Board should set up a Tay Ghillie School for those in need of 'fine tuning' and appoint big Geordie as the Head Master!