A Seat Beside The River Tay

By 22nd November 2018

There's no better place to be in the world than overlooking one of Scotland's finest salmon rivers if an infusion of 'natural & spiritual' brilliance is what you seek. Don't take the Scottish salmon rivers for granted and think think deeper about their magnificent prowess whether you've a fishing rod in your hands or not.

Salmon Fishing Is Good For Your Soul

I once recall giving an interview to BBC Radio Scotland when asked 'what do you think the main attractions are in Scottish salmon fishing' to which I replied 'river therapy' and that if the NHS doctors could prescribe a day's salmon fishing the chemists would be in serious commercial trouble. The reporter thought that was a particularly interesting evaluation!

One Of The Best Seats On The River Tay

The above shot was taken on the Upper Kinnaird salmon fishing beat 'March Pool' where I installed the bench you see up on this perfect elevated high bank. Over the decades I've put in a few different benches in strategically positioned locations on the Tay but this one is my absolute favourite as it overlooks a serious Spring salmon 'hot spot' at the very pool where the River Tummel enters the Tay. Personally I could sit on this bench all day watching the river with no need for a cast!

Huge Early Spring River Tay Potential

From a commercial point of view I strongly believe that River Tay salmon fishing is undersold through the early Spring months of the season. I've mentioned often in these articles that there's fantastic specimen salmon in the River Tay during the early Spring months with very few salmon fishers out having a cast for them. Every season salmon up to 35 lbs are caught at this under appreciated time of the River Tay salmon fishing season. The problem with many Tay anglers is that they're unaware of these fish being present and they mostly don't possess the correct mindset or fishing tactics to be in with a good chance of connecting with one.

Big Spring Salmon Are Present In The River Tay

These perfect heavyweight early Spring salmon that are normally caught on the middle Tay would have gone to sea as juveniles and fed together before heading back to the Tay. Often when one big fish like that is landed another one of similar proportions is not too far away and if you can understand this principle and go straight back into the same salmon lie soon thereafter a 'double' is always a possibility. So if you're fortunate to hook and land one don't let the celebrations continue for too long and retrace your steps and go over the salmon salmon lie again would be my advice.

Low Rod Pressure Stats Are Denying You Salmon

Next time you're out on the Tay or any other Scottish salmon river ask yourself how dreadfully boring life would be without a salmon river in your life. Also ask yourself what do you really think the score sheets would look like if the same angling pressure was applied to January, February & March as the Tay receives in April & May each year. It's very clear in our business that few understand 'perceived value' and that how under pricing can do more damage to a river than even a poor internet profile or naive 'catch stats' based marketing where there's never a consistent measuring gauge. A classic 'chicken & egg' scenario if there ever was one!