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Scottish Salmon Rivers

By 12th April 2019

When it comes to global thoughts on salmon fishing there's nothing that really compares with Scotland and its 400 salmon rivers which are all in relatively close proximity to one another. Add in a few international airports along with fantastic local river valley accommodation options and you'll understand where I'm coming from.

Professional Salmon Fishing Guides

In addition to the above facts most of Scotland's quality salmon fishing beats have professional salmon fishing staff who keep the riverbanks and fishing hut facilities in top operational condition. More importantly than those points these are highly experienced salmon men who will gladly give advice gained over decades of career based riverbank experience on the intricacies of catching salmon on each of their individual salmon fishing venues and in all water conditions 

International Salmon Fishing

In recent decades many international fishing agents have steered thousands of potential Scottish clients away to more remote areas of the world where naturally salmon stocks are more plentiful which is partly understandable. However, in my professional opinion you've got to look at the whole picture and take a measured look at the other attributes that make up an enjoyable salmon fishing experience as it's not always about just catching fish but more about the entire experience including the 'challenge' of catching a fish.

Catching Easy Salmon Are No Challenge

If catching salmon was too easy or you had to travel to the ends of the world in order to catch them then to my mind the industry would be a fraction of its current size. Testing your skills against a creature as unpredictable as a salmon is a big part of the attraction especially when that is paired up with quality accommodation and well maintained riverbanks that aren't a million miles away from civilisation or the financial reach of most people.

Number One For Salmon Fishing

What I'm say here is that Scotland is indeed a fantastic global location for a salmon fishing trip and this is made even better if you're consulting with a professional salmon services provider who only represents the best venues and has carved a personal reputation in the industry based on decades of full time professional daily riverbank application. In all too many cases and even with the main agents there's little or zero salmon fishing knowledge on offer as none of the main Scottish salmon fishing agents have ever served their time on the riverbanks of Scotland in a career based capacity.

Booking A Scottish Salmon Fishing Trip

Coming to Scotland to fish some of the world's most famous salmon rivers is always going to be something special as is the amazing Scottish river scenery and individual vibe of each river. Planning a multiple Scottish river salmon fishing itinerary is something I am very well used to carefully preparing for clients which really does provide an amazing insight into the beauty and excitement of our famous Scottish salmon rivers. If you've only got a day out of your busy schedule then that day has to be arranged on one of the very best available salmon fishing venues for the maximum chance of making it count!