Salmon Fishing Trips

By 24th April 2017

The entire Scottish salmon fishing scene in my professional opinion has to date been massively under presented where catch statistics figures and water levels have become the main industry drivers instead of the bigger attributes like visual presentation which has been sadly lacking.

What I mean by this is that catch statistics are not a good indicator of how many salmon are present in a river or beat and the only way for that to properly occur is for the river management to implement actual innovative fish counter technology.

You could easily have a pool full of taking salmon with no salmon fishers present on a beat or poor salmon fishers who miss the hooking opportunities they get offered. You could also have a scenario where one angler is present on a salmon beat who lands 2 salmon and another venue catches 4 salmon with a full compliment of eight fishers present to achieve it making it look better on paper.

Personally I'm tired of something as inaccurate as catch statistics driving the entire industry and especially at a time with global environmental uncertainty and natural stock adjustments occuring with many indictor species including Atlantic salmon.

In the 70's when I first got involved in Scottish salmon fishing you'd never hear the beat ghillies talking about catch statistics unless they were talking about the total catch for the previous season. That didn't mean that you were guaranteed to catch salmon either as there were 'highs & lows' back in those days too.

A big part of the attraction of Scottish salmon fishing is the 'escape' back into the natural world surroundings where our ancient relatives once dwelled and getting as far away from the stresses of modern day living and all the pressures that go along with that.

The salmon rivers of Scotland are much more noble than some inconsistent digit on a computer screen and in the old days as should be the case once again a salmon was always regarded as a bonus and not an expected booking condition.