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Salmon Fishing Advice

By 3rd June 2021

If you're going to book Scottish salmon fishing or are in need of some good old solid advice on any aspect of this fascinating sport then ask the boys that have been at the 'coal face' and not those who think they know what they're talking about.

Salmon Fishing Advice From Experts

Naturally you would't take driving lessons from an driving instructor who couldn't drive so turn to the professional ghillies of Scotland if you need advice about salmon fishing. They eat, sleep and breath this industry and are far more astute than any 'half boiled' wannabe ghillie agent could ever be. The professional ghillies of Scotland are the adhesive that provides the main marketing inertia and I'll explain further in the next few paragraphs.

The Expert Salmon River Ghillie

A professional ghillie who's committed his entire life to this industry has made that move in all cases through a deep routed love for salmon and the Scottish river environment. He's not taken on a low wage career for commercial gain like the bulk of population are pursuing so keep that in mind after your days fishing and make sure you show your appreciation of his dedication.

Listen To An Expert Salmon Guide

If you've got a good set of ears a professional beat ghillie can give you snippets of highly relevant salmon fishing knowledge that he's picked up over his years of observant river life and from his fascination of the sport. Never turn up on a salmon beat without giving the beat ghillie his place and the respect due and treasure the relationship as it develops as this type of bond will last a lifetime if you treat it properly.

Salmon Fishing Ghillie Friendships

On big river like the Tay the ghillie and guest relationship often develops much further as it can be a long day if there's no meaningful communication between the two parties when you're both out in the boat for several hours searching for taking salmon. For personal experience this is when the relationship goes from strength to strength and when both parties really get to know and trust one another.

The Bond Between Ghillie And Fisher

A professional beat ghilllie and the relationship you have with him is way more important than catch statistics, water levels or any of that other marketing stuff as it's the ghillie in many cases that holds the main attraction of the beat. The most potent marketing component outside the sheer beauty of the salmon rivers of Scotland are indeed the professional ghillies and it is these dedicated souls who ultimately make or break the success of a salmon beat. These days the attitude, personal bond and service levels of the professional in charge are way more important than any other marketing feature for returning clientele as this business like any other success orientated business is a 'service' related one.