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Mon 4th Jun to Sat 29th Sep 2018
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3 Days

September 2018

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Prices & Availability

Beat Summary

  • Beat Length 1/2 mile
  • Single Left Bank Fishing
  • Up To 2 Fishers per day
  • Ghillie Not Present
  • 6 Fishing Days Per Week
  • Fishing Hut
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Wood Burner
  • Kettle
  • Gas Hob
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Ghillie Extra

If you’re looking for a naturally secluded half mile River Dee salmon beat with easy access and excellent low or high water holding areas for salmon then Lower Woodend is an absolute gem positioned next to the famous Cairnton beat & opposite Upper Blackhall.

With 7 named salmon pools such as the beautiful Hut Pool, Rocks & Sandy's pools to choose from along with another highly respected River Dee name in the form of legendary Dee ghillie Dave Cowie who can often be available if you require a ghillie for the day then you’ve found a venue that has it all. 

The water supply intake for Aberdeen was sited on this beat due to the excellent depth of its pools. When you properly assess this feature from a salmon fishing point of view you’ll realise it also equates to perfect holding habitat for salmon during low water periods when neighbouring Dee salmon beats can struggle due to their shallower nature.

In recent years heavyweight salmon have been caught on Lower Woodend as there are historic spawning beds on this beat where giant River Dee salmon reaffirm their gentics each Winter on the gravels of Lower Woodend. In addition to that fact the riverbanks are naturally secluded with native broadleafed trees and Scots pines creating shaded areas so even during the brightest of days this beat is still comfortable for salmon to hold up in.

This lovely salmon fishing beat is the epitome of River Dee fly fishing and the magic associated of being on this famous Scottish salmon river. I am sure 2017 will bring with it many more salmon fishers who become spellbound by the amazing vibe and scenery of Lower Woodend.

Although currently let as a 2 rod 3 day booking requirement individual day rods may be accessible within 48 hours of your proposed fishing day. Make contact directly with myself via the contact form (above) for any short notice booking requests for this beautiful River Dee fly fishing venue.

Beat Map

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'Fish Of The Month' Prize

Fish Of The Month Prize

Throughout each month of the Scottish salmon fishing season one bottle of malt whisky will be presented to a salmon fishing client of this booking platform who provides the best quality photograph of a specimen salmon that they caught on any of this website's participating salmon beats.

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Jock's Appraisal

Heavily fished salmon beats that are commercially driven are great but give me the quiet naturally beautiful beat any day of the week where the salmon haven’t seen too much and this is what you have on offer on the Dee's beautiful Lower Woodend beat.

As most of us are right handed this left hand banked salmon beat lends itself perfectly to the right hand up single Spey cast when wind conditions permit. Apart from the easy nature of fishing this beat you'd do well to pick a better personalised beat to take a colleague fishing on due to it's capped 2 rod nature.

Look upstream, downstream & opposite and you'll find some famous River Dee salmon beat names like Cairnton & Upper Blackhall then ask yourself the question whether or not this beat is a potential 'sitting duck' for catching salmon on & you should arrive at the same conclusion.

Don't misjudge geographical brilliance and perfect salmon fly fishing pools due to its current grossly undefished status which is a bi-product of this beat being very likely fished after May each year. It is this type of scenario that make 'catch stats' of zero value for assessing true salmon fishing potential.

Jock Monteith Professional Scottish Salmon Fishing Guide & Provider

Professional Scottish Salmon Fishing Services Provider

Catch Statistics

Please bear in mind that 'catch statistics' in recent years have become an industry driver but they do not take into account the actual 'rod pressure' applied in achieving these figures.

There's much more to Scottish salmon fishing than the inevitable 'end result' of enough fishers being present or being in the right place at the right time.

The riverbank beauty & ambiance, the hypnotic flow of the stream, the hospitality of the ghillie and just enjoying 'the escape' from normal stressful work duties has always been the primary attraction of Scottish salmon fishing where a salmon was always regarded as a bonus.

Travel Directions From Banchory; Head west on the A93  (Aboyne/Ballater direction) for approx 3 miles. Take the left hand turn off the A93 at the Beltie Cottages (beside new houses). Follow this road for a short distance and turn right into the entrance of Cairnton Estate. Follow this tarred road through the ‘Private Road’ signed gate and continue along until you reach the new larch built Lower Woodend fishing hut on your left hand side.

Beat Directions

Lower Woodend Salmon Pool Fishing Advice 

The Hut Pool; This lovely pool fishes best during lower water conditions. In low water wade as far up as you can into the neck of the pool and fish from the fast water down. The flow swings over to the opposite bank then swings back across opposite the Upper Blackhall fishing hut. Fish the pool all the way down until you’re opposite the Upper Blackhall water gauge. There's a deep channel through this beautiful pool which is approx 10 metres from the L Woodend side where salmon lie. 

The Fence Pool; This pool fishes best in higher water conditions in the channel that lies between the L.Woodend’s left hand bank and the big stone that’s visible in the middle of the river.

The Rocks Pool; Fish this pool by walking (with care) on the rocks and fishing it down to the tail.

The Three Stones Pool; Fish this pool from the concrete platform by gradually extending your fly line 1 yard at a time between casts until you’re at maximum range. This pool fishes at its best when the concrete platform is under water by a few inches.

The Top Intake Pool; This fine little pool is always worth a few casts while working down the beat as often fresh run salmon lie up in this pool.

Sandy’s Pool; Fish down through the neck by wading out when the water is low. Then fish down through the pool from the concrete all the way to the tail of the pool.

The Lower Intake Pool; This pool fishes best in higher water conditions but is always worth swinging a fly through especially over the salmon lies located near the prominent riverbed stones at the tail of the pool.