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Loch Tay is a famous Scottish salmon fishing venue which is renowned for its productive boating approach through traditional tactical shore line trolling. The main hub for loch fishing is the village of Killin at the West end of this historic Scottish loch.

The highly scenic trolling routes along the various fascinating shorelines of the top end of the loch produces some great boating sport as the trolled lures cover big shoals of River Dochart destined Tay salmon that hold up in this area of the loch.

The man who's been leading the show for the last 15 years is Grant Tigwell who's been a huge asset to Loch Tay and is the pioneer of a responsible Loch Tay 'Catch & Release' protocol and the use of the conservation minded single hook lure rig.

You couldn't pick a better way to spend a day in loch paradise than to be out searching Loch Tay for salmon with Grant or fellow professional boatman Simon Hill. Although a hands free pursuit until a fish cooperates the loch has untold beauty which will hypnotise you until a rod buckles and the battle begins.

This Loch Tay boat trolling experience on occasion can be integrated with an afternoon session on the nearby River Dochart if your boatman thinks a trip to some of the River Dochart salmon holding pools could be worthwhile.

The River Dochart is where the vast majority of these Loch Tay salmon ascend especially after periods of heavy local rainfall. There’s access to 6 miles of this Tay tributary headwater and all required river fishing equipment is also supplied (including fly rods & waders).


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