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'Fish Of The Month' Prize

Throughout each month of the Scottish salmon fishing season one bottle of quality malt whisky will be presented to a salmon fishing client of this booking platform who provides the best photograph of a specimen salmon that they caught on any of this website's Scottish river guided fishing days.

This monthly prize may not necessarily be won for the heaviest salmon landed and could be awarded for the the best salmon photograph provided.

The qualifying styles of acceptable salmon capture photographs that could win you this fine quality malt whisky prize are as detailed below.

Tight Lines

Jock Monteith

If photographing a salmon while fishing alone make sure the fish is lying flat in the bag of the landing net with the salmon perfectly in frame on or close to the water line. Take a few shots to make sure you get a good one.

Fishing Alone Photograph Style images/58f44153-Fish-Handling-Shots-4.jpg

If you're fishing with a colleague briefly lift the salmon to the water line in the landing net with the salmon's flanks as square to the camera as possible and have your colleague take a few shots. Sometimes tilting the belly of the fish up slightly by liftting the net's mesh will capture the beauty of the salmon's flanks more effectively.

Fishing With Colleague Photograph Style images/58f46cac-Fish-Handling-Shots-1.jpg



Competition Conditions Of Entry;


All salmon entered in this 'Fish of the Month' competition must be 'fresh run' and have been successfully released.

All competition entrants must have booked their salmon fishing permit through this website or have been part of a fishing group who booked their permits through this website.

By entering this competition all participants and photographers consent to our use of their 'intellectual property' for any photographs provided whether successful entries or not.

All monthly entries must be received via email prior to midnight on the last day of the month of capture. The winner will be announced during the first week of the following month and no monthly rollover will be considered.

Entries should be emailed to along with the date of capture, salmon beat location, estimated salmon's weight and your name & address. If the shot was not taken by yourself please include the name, email address or telephone number of the person who took the photograph.

All salmon photographs should be taken quickly and the salmon should not be physically handled where possible.

The monthly prize winner will be notified via email and will be featured in the Fishing News section of this website. 

This malt whisky monthly prize will be provided by leading online whisky supplier 'Whisky Please' and we hope you will consider using their excellent service thereafter.

The prize shall be presented by the Head Ghillie on the beat the salmon was captured on at a mutually agreeable date and time.

All participants of this competition must be 18 years or over.

The best of luck & tight lines

Jock Monteith